If you want to build a well-optimized app for your users, you need to have API workflows in your repetoire.

What are API workflows?

API workflows are workflows that run on Bubble's server (as opposed to your user's browser). They run independently of any page, which means they can be executed without anyone visiting your app.

You can schedule/trigger API workflows or allow external applications like Stripe to communicate through an API request.

There are 4 main reasons for using API workflows instead of workflows on your page:

  1. Performance (Move complex workflows to the server to keep your pages lightweight)
  2. Bulk operations (Loop workflows to process a list of things)
  3. Asynchronous (Workflows will run even when page is closed)
  4. Security (Hide sensitive information from the browser)

How do I use API workflows?

Take note that you need to subscribe for a paying plan before you can actually use the feature!

In this example, I have set up an API workflow to schedule a reminder email to new users who sign up for a free 1-month trial. The email will be sent 3 days before the trial expires.


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References: https://manual.bubble.io/help-guides/integrations/api/the-bubble-api/the-workflow-api/api-workflows